Dow Arms Room

Welcome All,

Dow Arms Room is a brick and mortar retail store located on US-301 in Dade City, Florida.

Our specialties include:

  • Custom built precision target rifles
  • Repair and restoration of antique and historic firearms
  • Shooting supplies i.e.: ammunition optics etc

Rather than posting a canned message such as, “Under Construction”, all of us at Dow Arms thought it would be best to more clearly delineate what information will be available to visitors to this site in the near future.

The primary purpose of the website is not sales or shameless self promotion. While we intend to keep our customers apprized of current and upcoming events taking place at the store itself using the website, it is our intention to utilize the best aspects of the information age for what we believe to be some loftier purposes.

One of the primary purposes of this website is the preservation and distribution of both historical and technical knowledge related to precision marksmanship. It could be argued that one of the greatest losses ever suffered by humanity was the destruction of the Library at Alexandria. It is our hope to prevent this loss within the fields of firearms and marksmanship.

Thank you,

Bruce and all the staff at the Dow Arms Room